Honoka Mutsu

C3-bU Honoka-Mutsu INFO 01
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Date of Birth
October 9th, 1996
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Voice actor
Chiwa Saitō

Honoka Mutsu (voiced by Chiwa Saitō) is a main character in Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C³.


Combat GearEdit

Honoka's primary weapon is a Tokyo Marui G36KA2, which is part of Marui's "Recoil Shock" series, and thus has a very distinct firing sound as a result of the bolt and charging handle actually cycling. Her sidearm is a Tokyo Marui Mk IV Series '70, a variant of the classic M1911 design. Her eye protection and gloves are dark green, matching her eyes and (technically) hair, as well as matching her hair ties.


Memorable quotesEdit


  • Like Rento, she is shown to have two pistols in her imagination in the first episode, however she only has one in reality.


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