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    October 16, 2013 by BleedingUranium

    Not really a blog, just a place for me to write down where all the tracks play, so I can add the info to articles later.

    Akogare No Stella Jogakuin - Yura's fantasy of what the school will be like.
    unknown track #1 (based on Yura's Theme) - Yura explores the school.
    Yura's Theme - The audience learns Yura's name.
    C3-bu's Theme - The club is introduced.
    C3-bu's March - The club goes over their plan to capture new students.
    Delusion I (appears in-universe here) - The soundtrack to "Rambo".
    Enjoy! - The club tries to convince Yura to join.
    Amazing World (slowed down) - Yura flashes back to middle school and not fitting in.
    Amazing World (some instruments removed) - Rento's cake plan.
    La Règle Du Jeu - Standard music for scenario briefings.
    In The Field (bass o…

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